Donated by Dianne Myers and family in 1990

  • The award will be presented at Senior Presentation
  • This award was donated by Dianne Myers in 1990.  Dianne was Vice-President in 1990, President in 1991 and 1992 and coach of Division 1 women, when her daughter Kylie played.
  • Dianne brought a new level of professionalism to these positions and made an immensely positive impact on the Club.  This is evidenced in the instigation of this award which encourages the participation of young independent adults.
  • The award is presented to a young adult (16 – 25 years of age) Club member
  • The award recognises the person’s personal qualities and their achievements (as player, umpire, supporter, coach, canteen assistant, Come & Try or schools assistant) during the year
  • The award is presented to a member who has shown self-reliance and who has participated throughout the year with minimal family support; and