About Wodonga Hockey Club

There is something special about team sport.
Club Members form a close bond of loyalty and understanding and care for each other.
The Club has a long history supporting families and nurturing junior hockey.

Announcement:  Junior Training Starts Wed, XYZ 2021.


The constitution of Wodonga Hockey Club provides the framework in which the club acts under. These rules guide the board, the coach, the players and everyone involved in the club. Published in 2010, they are still applicable today. Please open the link to the PDF document below and read through the constitution.

Wodonga Hockey Club Constitution PDF

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for Wodonga Hockey Club builds on the Constitution, but puts the focus on the future operations of the club. You can read about the direction we’re heading in the strategic plan document linked below.

Strategic Plan PDF

Club History

You will find some interesting facts about our club, from where we started to where we would like to end up in 2020.

Club History PDF

Team Colours

Nothing makes you feel like a team than pulling on your team colours. Wodonga Hockey Club requires all players to be wearing uniforms. To place your uniform orders simply contact Wodonga Hockey Club ~ wodongahockey@gmail.com


Our Teams & Programs

Come & Try

The Come & Try category is available to primary school students and offers a great entry into the competitive sport. Kids who start here, regularly go on to successful hockey careers.

Come & Try, the national junior development program designed by Wodonga Hockey Club is designed for boys and girls aged 10 and under, but the skills can be modified to suit players of any age. Come & Try gives young boys and girls the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, develop fundamental motor skills and make friends all while beginning their lifelong love of hockey.

This program structure has been developed to help participants step through their hockey journey

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Juniors Hockey

At Wodonga Hockey Club, there’s a very competitive junior competition. This is made up of 6 divisions ranging from under 12s to under 16s.

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Seniors Hockey

The seniors’ division of Wodonga Hockey Club consists of 7 divisions, 3 for men and 3 for women also VETS Women.

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Club History

1983 3 clubs existed, Wodonga Men’s Hockey, Wodonga Women’s Hockey & Wodonga Vultures.

1984 Wodonga Women won the Div 2 Premiership and were promoted to Division One in 1985.

1985 Teams commenced playing on all weather dirt fields in lieu of grass.
Teams played at Lord Oval, Bandiana, Wodonga Showgrounds/Racecourse, moving in the 80’s to Kelly Park and finally Birallee Park in 1985.

1985 Minkey commenced (modified hockey for under 10 children – HookIn2Hockey)

1986 a unanimous decision was made to unite all 3 Clubs and play in the maroon and white.
Teams nominated for the season were Div 1, 2, 3 Men & Women Junior Boys Under 13 and Minkey with approx. 40 children attending.

1987 28 July  The Club became incorporated.

Ian Livingstone & David Sutherland, Executive Committee members, approached Wodonga Council in regard to new fields.

1987  December a decision was made to construct two all-weather fields at Birallee Park, Silva Drive. The total cost of $26,000 was shared 50/50 by Wodonga City Council and the WHC.

1988 the Bicentennial year with the new fields now in use and fundraising and sponsorship top priorities to repay the $13,000 loan. A Carnival to promote the sport of Hockey was conducted.
Noel Mason was honored as the First Life Member.

1989 In a remarkable effort by Club members all monies owed for the new grounds were repaid.

1990 The Club continued to increase the junior teams, by assisting with primary school programs particularly in West Wodonga.

1991 Phase 1 of a training light project completed at a cost of $4,500. Premierships to 13 Boys and C Grade Men.

1992 Veteran Women’s team entered, making a total of 14 teams, being one of the largest Clubs in the Association. 7 teams played in finals with the U17 Boys as Premiers. The Club won the inaugural Flo Joynson Memorial Hockey Albury- Wodonga Championship Cup in recognition of games won by teams during the year. 26 players represented Albury-Wodonga and 5 juniors went a step further representing Victoria.

1993 The Club made a submission to Wodonga City Council to have a Synthetic Field constructed using the existing dirt fields as a base.

1995 Kyle Brereton worked many hours and a Grant of $68,000 approved by WCC & Vic Govt. for construction of new synthetic field.

1996 Was a time of confusion in regards to our Synthetic Field? This project was too large for a Club to manage and fund, thus the Association were approached. Approx. $200,000 project with loans secured by WCC and HAW and construction commenced. WHC was now a tenant of this field which was managed by HAW.
Premierships were won by Women’s Veterans and 13 Boys.

1997 19 April  The Synthetic Field was officially opened. The Club introduced a new-look uniform and worked hard during pre-season to increase the strength of the Club. The vision was to create a club for members to have lots of fun and enjoy the game socially. Bids for premierships followed.

2014 The Synthetic Field has now been in use for many years and is in need of a few repairs. A new surface is required and being looked at by HAW and WCC.

2015 WCC would like to see Wodonga Hockey move to a new field at Baranduda. A new sporting precinct development and a new field – club house. This project could take 10 years to complete.

2019 WHC Started the project to build a CLUB HOUSE. Grant money achieved and plans into builder

2020 What a year, the world got hit by COVID 19 and the country went into lock down. The season was cancelled and no field hockey was played.  Plans where still progressing for the new club house build. Expected to be completed by 2021.



The Club became incorporated.


Synthetic field opened.


Top Club


Amazing Year


CLUB HOUSE (to be completed)


Division 2 Men won premiership in 2015.
U16 Girls won premiership in 2015.
A total of 5 teams in Grand final play off.

Division 1 Men won back to back premierships in 2006 and 2007
Division 1 Women won in 2008.
Our Men & Women in other Divisions and junior teams have also experienced great premiership success.


A strong club depends on the enthusiasm and commitment of a passionate group of people from Coaches & Managers backed by Supporters and Volunteers. The Club acknowledges the tireless work of Committee Members and in particular the Executive Committee.

The following people have been recognized with Life Membership.
Noel Mason(Dec.), Elaine Behrens, Dawn George, Ian & Denise Livingstone, Margaret Darmody, Kaye Fleming, Mat Poppins, Margaret Brown, Kyle Brereton, Justin Wilson, Della Poppins & Vanessa Flanagan.


Our Club continues to work towards the future by supporting and promoting hockey within our Association and beyond.   We encourage players to stay healthy and involved in this great sport – one filled with friendships and a sense of belonging. We have started Border Indoor Hockey for the summer period. A 16 week competition is run over summer.

Want to Join The Club?

Wodonga Hockey Club warmly welcomes all players, from experienced players to beginners, no matter what age.

With many teams spread throughout Mens, Womens and Junior Divisions, we can cater for anyone.

Interested in trying Indoor Hockey? Visit Border Indoor Hockey today.