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The Wodonga Hockey Club extends a warm invitation to individuals of all ages, whether they are seasoned players or newcomers. We have a variety of teams across Men’s, Women’s, and Junior Divisions, ensuring that we can accommodate everyone.

In the Men’s and Women’s Divisions, our teams span from the prestigious Capital League within the Association (representing the highest level of hockey in the ACT) down to Division 3 at the club level.

Wodonga is fielding 7 Senior teams and 6 Junior teams for the season of 2024.

HookIn2Hockey 5 week program

We offer HookIn2Hockey 5-week program for novice players aged 4 to 10 years.  Register HERE


Become a Sponsor

If you would like to sponsor our wonderful club contact us HERE

How & When to Register

Pay for your registration / Participation Levy by EFT.
Direct Credit: Hume Bank = Wodonga Hockey Club
BSB: 640 000           Acc: 111 219 688        Ref: Surname & team (ie: SmithU12)

Registration Prices
Membership Type Registration Fee Payment Plan (20weeks)
Seniors $385 $19.25
Student – playing Junior & Junior Development Player (Senior) $484 $22
Student – playing Senior Only $330 $14.50
Senior+ Masters $605 $30
Masters $275 $12.50
Juniors $145 N/A
Student – playing Junior Development Player (Senior) & 2 x Junior $621 $25
Junior x 2 teams $290 N/A
HookIn2Hockey $33  
Social $33  
U7 & U10s only (no HookIn2Hockey) $66  



There are many tasks associated with the running of our club and at present, there are too few volunteers leaving too few people carrying too much load.  Please help your club and volunteer a few hours over the season

  1. Two (2) Free games will be given for paying directly to the bank.
  2. The first payment must be made on Friday 23/3/2024 (each week thereafter) with 22 weekly payments – The last payment will happen on 10th Aug 2024
  3. Payments must not stop “must be made each week”
  4. Upon application prior to 30th Sep refunds will be given if you have not played all games (excluding the 2 free games)
  5. A card will be issued for you to hand to the manager to click off games.
  1. Two payment methods are available – Paid in FULL by round 4 2024 or a 22-week ‘Payment plan’ (start payments by 23rd March 2024). If you need to arrange a different payment plan contact the treasurer or those experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to see the treasurer as soon as possible so that suitable arrangements can be made.  Those players not abiding by the above conditions will be restricted from playing. Details of financial/payment arrangements will be treated in strict confidence.
  2. Students include full-time secondary school students up to and including Year 12. Students also include full-time Tertiary & TAFE students
  3. Goalkeepers who provide their own equipment will get a discounted subscription. Should a goalkeeper who provides their own equipment play on the field an additional $12 is required per match. If the goalkeeper is using club equipment full subscriptions are required.
  4. The club can restrict non-financial members from taking the field.

How to Contact Us


President: Adrian Grant: 0400 366 376

Secretary: Vanessa Flanagan: 0437 263 114

Treasurer: Abbey Mitchell: 0421 728 776

Child Protection Officer: VACANT

Umpire Coordinator: Aaron Pimm: 0488 445 452


Wodonga Hockey Club Inc.   P.O. Box 652   Wodonga VIC 3689

Membership Form

Please fill in the form below to regester

Thanks for your interest

Please Read the next sections carefully and if you agree tick the required fields as acknowledgment of acceptance.

In the event of my/my child’s admission as a member, I/myself & my child agree to be bound by the rules of the Club for the period of membership. I understand under rule 12 that Club Fees are due by Round 4/or Payment Plan or an arrangement with the Treasurer & that If they are not paid I/my child will not be covered by the Club’s insurance, will have no voting rights, no Club entitlements & I/my child will not be eligible to play.

I give permission for photographs of myself/my child to appear on the Wodonga Hockey Club Inc. website or in other forms of media releases & to include my name
I acknowledge that my uniform stays the property of Wodonga Hockey Club Inc. A levy is included as part of my fees for 2024. I am required to return my uniform if so requested or if I leave the Club for any reason.
I / I & my child have read & understood & agree to abide by the “Code of Conduct” of Wodonga Hockey Club Inc.
Do you hold a current 'Working With Children's Check'? If "Yes" please email a copy to
Division you are interested in playing for 2024 season.
Your expression of interest to play in a 2nd team for 2024 season. * Junior Development Player - member aged 13, 14 or 15 years of age wishing to develop into a senior grade.
Do you hold a current RSA?

How are you paying your fees for 2024?


Do you suffer from any disabilities?
If yes please list in the details here.
A simple 30 min lesson.
Are you aware of any allergies, including drug or food allergies: EG, Penicillin, bee sting, hay fever..etc
Do you use any medication during hockey?
List your medication details here.
Do you have ambulance cover for the hockey season?
If deemed necessary, I authorise the Coach/Manager/Club person to consent to me/my child receiving emergency medical treatment &/or use of an ambulance as may be necessary
I consent to my team manager/coach having the above health info

Volunteer Help: 2 hours compulsory for 2024: PLAYERS, PARENTS, there are many tasks associated with the running of our club and at present, there are too few volunteers leaving too few people carrying too much load, to this end members are required in 2024 to complete 2 hours help for YOUR club, here are some tasks that may be of interest.

NAME & SIGNATURE of the applicant OR guardian/parent (if applicant 16 years or under).• Your application is subject to approval by WHC committee.

Want to Join The Club?

Wodonga Hockey Club warmly welcomes all players, from experienced players to beginners, no matter what age.

With many teams spread throughout Mens, Womens and Junior Divisions, we can cater for anyone.

Australian Flag: The Australian Flag remains integral to our history as a nation. It successfully blends so much of what we proudly call the Australian achievement.
Wodonga Hockey Club respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands throughout Australia on which we play our great game. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We are committed to a positive future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country and recognise the role and value of culture.
Wodonga Hockey Club is a proudly diverse organisation, that actively celebrates LGBTIQ+ diversity, inclusion, & pride in Australian Hockey.

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