On Monday, December 4th, a group of interested members gathered for the 1st “Annual General Meeting” in the club’s new pavilion to reflect on the past year and select a new Board of Management for the upcoming 2024 financial year.

We extend our congratulations to the departing Board of Management for their dedicated and productive collaboration in guiding our club through another year of its existence. The work they perform is demanding, constant, and at times unappreciated, but hopefully, it is also gratifying and fulfilling as they contribute significantly to our club and community. We express our gratitude to those committee members who are stepping down from their official positions but are likely to continue making contributions to the club in other capacities.

We warmly welcome Adrian Grant, Kyle Brereton, Abbey Mitchell, and Vanessa Flanagan to their respective roles as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We extend our best wishes to the 2024 committee and hope for their success in the upcoming year.

President Adrian Grant
Vice-President Kyle Brereton
Treasurer Abbey Mitchell
Secretary Vanessa Flanagan


Reece Bartlett John Pimm
Danni McLeish Liz Quinn
Erica Bartlett Axel Sullivan
Sam Hall Melissa Pontt

Full AGM reports are available: 2023 Annual records report booklet – WHC 2023 AGM Minutes

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