Weekend commencing the 31st July, the Wodonga Hockey Club will be actively participating in the Hockey Victoria’s Fair go sport! program.

This program aims to increase awareness of sexual and gender diversity in hockey and promote safe and inclusive environments.

To this end, all players will be wearing rainbow socks during the round – juniors and seniors! This has been made possible by the kind support and generosity of one of our major sponsors, Quest Wodonga!


Each day, leading in to the first game. we will be publishing some amazing pictures taken by our friends at Graand Images Photography highlighting our commitment to the program. (check them out in the 2015 Gallery)


Then on the 31st July, we will be releasing our own Club video, compiled by the marvellous students at Albury TAFE, highlighting what Fair go, sport! means to us.

This will be our first time participating in Fair go, sport! The first of many to come!

Kyle Brereton

Go Doggies !!