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* Juniors – take into consideration that this uniform will be for the 2023 season, so allow for growth ( especially if you are keeping/selecting a shirt No. )
We will be ordering additional uniforms for new members and spares but no double ups of the same number, so if you don’t order correct and you miss you shirt No. We unfortunately can not take any responsibility for this, so please do take the time to measure accurately to avoid any disappointment
Easiest way to measure is to go off your existing uniform, measure from under the sleeve to opposite side.. then double for chest size.. example if your half chest size is 50cm your measure will be 100cm
If you want to go up an extra size, it will be in 10cm increments, so if you measure a 100cm but want to go larger, order 110 cm – This same process will apply when measuring for shorts/skirts, except the increments are 5cm.
Any questions or queries please contact Mel Pontt on 0438 235 395


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1. Measure across chest (below sleeve) giving a 1/2 chest measurement 2. Shirt sizes go up by 10cm increments - 70cm, 80cm 90cm etc 3. Short - Skirts - measure across 1/2 waist - Sizes go up in 5 cm increments .... An easy option is to measure off your existing playing uniform