Congratulations to the outgoing Board of Management for a diligent & productive collaboration guiding our club through another year of its existence.  The job they do is challenging, ever-present and sometimes thankless, but (hopefully) also satisfying and rewarding as they make a valuable contribution to our club & our community. Thanks go to those committee members stepping down from their official roles, but will most likely continue to contribute around the club. Welcome back to Kyle Brereton, Al Warhurst, Michael Darmody, Melissa Pontt and Vanessa Flanagan who resumes the role of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Ass Treasurer and Secretary.  We wish the 2021 Board every success in the year ahead. A special general meeting will be held in 2021 around the club house build.

President Kyle Brereton
Vice-President  Alan Warhurst
Treasurer Michael Darmody
Ass.Treasurer Melissa Pontt
Secretary Vanessa Flanagan


Kerry Devereaux John Pimm
Jess Hood Sharee Warhurst
Phil McQuilton Craig Mundy
Abbey Mitchell

Full AGM reports are available: 2020 Annual records report booklet  – WHC 2020 AGM Minutes

HAW AGM 2020 Minutes