The Committee of the Wodonga Hockey Club have been working hard behind the scenes to make playing hockey for our members as appealing as possible, especially for our juniors.

Over the last two years a number of programs have been trialed to determine what fee payment methods best suited our members.

With this in mind, the Committee is pleased to announce the following changes to how our member’s fees will be structured and collected. We are particularly excited about our new offering to juniors. This year ALL juniors will benefit, not just new Members!!

1. ALL associated Senior costs will be “bundled” together

*. HV Insurance, HAW Affiliation Fees, WHC Registration Fees, Uniform levy, and Weekly Turf fees –    This will total $440 per senior player.
2. Members will have two options for payment  i.e.  i) pay up front with full payment made by Round 4, ii) a weekly direct deduction from the members nominated bank account in to the WHC account (Club banking details will be provided on line or at registration).
3. Direct deductions will need to be in place prior to the 21st March and will operate for 22 weeks, ceasing on the 15th August – $20.00 per week.
4. In the event a player needs to take up the direct deductions post Round 4, then the number of weekly deductions will be reduced and the deduction increased accordingly to ensure full payment is complete by 15th August.
5. Individual player sponsorship remain an option – $250, and need to be in place by 21st March. Will reduce weekly deductions to only $11.00 per week
6. The game turf card will remain in place. Two “free” games are included. At the conclusion of the season, any games missed due to unavailability, injury, etc., will be refunded at season’s completion – based on cards recording (excluding free games).

NOTE: This is an overall increase over previous year by $30 and is to ensure the Club remains financially strong by covering those costs that have recently been passed on to us by Hockey Victoria, as well as Hockey Albury Wodonga, and expected increased banking fees. The increase is also as a result of the planned roll out of our new 2016 uniform. A levy has been instigated that will cover ALL future uniform replacements. The increase is also being utilized to offset junior savings.

a) No money required up front unless option to do so taken up
b) ALL costs spread across a 22 week period – unless option not in place prior to Round 4
c) Turf fee refund mechanism is in place
d) Members no longer need to find turf money each week – it’s built in to your deductions
e) A uniform is included in your fees!!
f) Team Managers no longer need to collect turf fees every week!
g) Members can commence deductions early to further reduce weekly payments – made in communication with the Treasurer
h) Simpler administration for the Committee and Team Managers

a) Reduced fee collection options available
b) Fee increase as a result of HV Insurance, HAW affiliation, Uniform levy, Junior off set, and bank fees.
c) Umpire payments will require “cash” allocation to Team Managers

Note: Students (playing juniors and seniors) total $506. Weekly deductions will be $23.00. All rules above apply.

Stay tuned for some very exciting Junior fee announcements – not just for new Juniors, but ALL current Juniors!

Don’t forget, the earlier you set up your deductions, the smaller the weekly deduction! These can be further off set by Individual Player Sponsorship!

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