Following on from our announcement around Senior fees for 2016, the Committee is excited to announce the following fee structure for ALL Junior Members of the WHC!!

1. ALL associated junior costs will be “bundled” together

* HV Insurance, HAW Affiliation Fees, WHC Registration Fees, Uniform levy, and Weekly Turf fees.

Based on 2015, this should equate to a total of $205 per junior player, not including uniform.

Due to the ongoing focus on juniors, our wonderful sponsors, junior fees will be capped at  $75!  A saving of $130 for existing and new members!! That’s not even taking in to account ALL new juniors will be issued with a new uniform in 2016!!

2. ALL junior fees for existing and new Members will have to be paid up front by Round 4.  No direct deductions will be available.

3. Individual player sponsorship remain an option – $125, fully off setting their registration costs!

4. The game turf card will be removed.

a) Significant saving for ALL junior Members!!!
b) Members no longer need to find turf money each week – it’s built in to your fee
c) A uniform is included in your fees!!
d) Team Managers no longer need to collect turf fees every week!
e) Simpler administration for the Committee and Team Managers

a) Reduced fee collection options available
b) NO weekly direct deduction option available
c) ALL fees must be paid by Round 4 of the Home and Away Season
d) Umpire payment will require “cash” allocation to Team Managers
e) No refund is available for turf fees associated with games missed – due to the significantly reduced registration fees

The Committee hopes all its members find the new structure worth while and beneficial!

Note: In respect to either Junior or Senior registration fees, the Committee understand that from time to time, individuals and/or families may come under financial pressure. Please raise this with the Treasurer so alternative arrangements can be made. Any approach will remain completely confidential.

Eventbrite - 2016 Registration Fee