The Committee of the Wodonga Hockey Club is pleased to announce, that after a thorough review of our current financial position, our excellent group of sponsors, our planned fundraising events, as well as our innovative ‘Individual Players Sponsorship Program’, that we will be holding our fees at the 2014 levels.
The Wodonga Hockey Club has now NOT raised registration fees since 2010 & turf fees since 2012! This is despite HAW, and HV continually raising their affiliation fees!! How many other Clubs or sports can make this claim. This is in part to the current and past Club Commiittees efforts.
The Club is determined to make our game financially as easy as possible for our members to pay their fees.

To this end, the Club is now offering two exciting options for its members;
1. Registration fees can now be paid weekly online, spread over two thirds of the season.
2. Turf fees can be paid at the same time as registration fees – including two bonus games for those who take this offer up. 

You will now no longer need to find cash before Round 4, or desperately search the bottom of your handbag or car console for your turf fees before taking the field for your weekly game. Sound something you might be interested in? We hope so.

Your Committee believes this will greatly assist our members paying both their registration and turf fees, especially our wonderful families.

If you would like more detail before then, feel free to call our Treasurer Glenn, Secretary Vanessa, or Kyle our President.

Go Doggies!!