The overhead

What happens if the player decides to throw an overhead?

When the ball goes up: the player needs to ensure that the person from the opposite team is at a safe distance (5 metres and not directly in line with the ball).

When the ball comes down: 

  1. The ball is landing where two players are together it is against the person that lifted the ball, the call should be made quickly when the ball is in flight to prevent further danger (free is taken where it would have landed)
  2. The receiver is in the same team as the person lifting the ball and all opponents are more than 5 metres, in this case the opposition must wait outside the 5 metre distance until the ball is controlled enough so that they can move forward
  3. The ball will land in a vacant space but players from both teams run in and approach the ball at the same time; in this case the defending team is awarded the ball