The jab or poke tackle

The jab or poke tackle: is one of the most under used skills which applies to all positions whether it is a striker or midfielder tracking back or a defender trying to break down an attack.The aim of the jab tackle is to put the player on the ball under pressure, change the direction of the ball or show them perceived space.


The jab or poke tackle – jab defending

The jab or poke tackle – jab tackle

  • Left shoulder and leg forward promoting good side on body position
  • Eyes focused on the ball and with good footwork, extend your left arm to dispoess the attacker

The jab or poke tackle – jab to block tackle

In this technique video, Inside Hockey’s Shea McAleese showcases how to channel your opponent to your forehand with a jab tackle and subsequently use a block tackle to steal the ball. The key points are: 

  1. Jab to the side of the ball to force the attacker to where you want him
  2. Work your feet forwards and backwards trying to not cross over
  3. Take your stick back into your grip to position it to make the block tackle
  4. Lunge on the angle with your stick to cut the attacker’s drag in half
  5. Get low, win the ball and accelerate away

The jab or poke tackle – the poke tackle