Aim  per week: 3 Running, 1 Strength and 1 Recovery

Warm Up – 10 min warm up as we do for hockey sessions. Include change of direction, Arabesque and single leg bound (take off on left leg land on right leg and hold landing before pushing off again and landing on left leg).

Running – pick 2 of the following 4 programs each running session.

  1. Run 1 x length of hockey pitch – 15 sec rest x 6. Run 2 x length of hockey pitch 30 sec rest x 4. Run around hockey pitch 45 sec rest x 2.
  2. In 20 secs run baseline to 23 m line x 2 rest for 10 secs – complete 8 sprints. Rest 2 mins. Complete a total of 3 times.  The distance of 23m can be made shorter depending on fitness level.
  3. Sprint as hard as you can for 15 sec, rest 15 sec and repeat. Total of 9 sprints. Rest for 2 mins and repeat.  Do 3 times in total.
  4. Sprint uphill for 15 secs. Recovery is walk/light jog back to start. Do 6 sprints. Rest 2 min and repeat.  Do 3 times

Strength – complete 10 reps of each exercise x 3. I suggest you alternate through the exercises.

  1. Legs – Squat, Lunge, Single leg Calf Raise and Bridge (single leg if you have no weights) – if you have access to weights then add weights. Try and increase the weights each week.
  2. Arms – Push ups and Chin Ups (do chin up; hold and slow release if you cannot do full chin up)
  3. Core – Plank and Russian twist – do for 45 secs.

Recovery Session

Easy Bike ride or light run.  Use common sense for the distance remembering the aim is just recover