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  • How do I prepare mentally for competition?
  • What is the best way to prepare for pressure?
  •  How can you make goal setting work?
  • Self talk – the internal dialogue we have with ourselves.
  • Imagery – visualizing the actual action you would like to execute

Physiology and energy systems

Sports Physiology is how the human body adapts to exercise. For the body to perform in sport there are a number of energy systems the alactic anaerobic system is used by 100m sprinters, producing explosive, short duration, high intensity movements using energy already in the muscles  the lactic anaerobic system is used by 400m runners, …

Setting Achievable Goals

One of the more challenging skills to master is goal-setting. Do not take this for granted; going with the flow and hoping that one day they will achieve “greatness” does not work.  Without goals you risk not working hard enough or putting enough effort in to do well in the things that are most important to …

Skill acquisition

Skill acquisition principles can help coaches develop their athletes to become skillful performers. Decision making and anticipation skills and implicit and explicit learning are important parts of skill acquisition covered in this video. This video explores the way that these principles can be incorporated into coaching. Athletes need to be able to make decisions to …

Sport Has to Change and Here’s How to Change It (Podcast)

There is no doubt sport around the world has to change. It is irrefutable that the number of kids playing traditional forms of organized competitive sport has not just fallen, in some sports it’s totally collapsed. In response, sporting organizations have tried a standard set of responses to try and boost their participation statistics and …

Technique and Tips to Avoid Injury

Here’s some tips and cues on how to run with proper running form. Whether you want to sprint like Usain Bolt, run your first 5k, or train for a marathon, the same proper running technique applies. In this video Brad Kearns teaches the often overlooked skill component of running so you can avoid injury and …


Find out how mental visualisation (and imagery) can help make you a much better athlete or performer. Use these tips to perform better on the field AND in the workplace. Visulisation is creating an image within your mind so that envisioning a movement has a comparable effect on your nervous system to those recorded during …

What is Physical Literacy

It is more than just the physical skills that help us move. It is the knowledge, behaviours and confidence that motivates us to live active lives. Our level of physical literacy impacts how we think and process information. Our attitudes, emotions, feelings and how we interact with others when being  physically active.