Passing: good plays come from accurate passing so it is a crucial aspect to cover. This point could be a number of different skills which also depends on the position you play. Do not telegraph your passes, use deception to move the defender one way and pass the other. The pass should end up on the receivers stick, the receiver should not have to make adjustments to receive the ball. The receiver must have a next pass option and the next pass should serve a purpose (control the game, maintain passing tempo or attack the goal).

Passing – long slap/sweep pass

Passing – one touch sweep down the line

It is really important  for people to be able to play the ball quickly. For example, if you are playing left defence you can cross the field with one pass but it  needs to be quick and accurate and the ball needs to be low.


  1. Hold your hands like a normal sweep at the top of the stick
  2. Timing is important, at the moment of the impact and when you hit the ball, make sure your stick is straight
  3. The point of impact with the stick must be in the middle

Passing – slider pass

  1. Your hands need to be together at the top of the stick
  2. Stand with your feet in a position where you can aim left and pass right
  3. Get low
  4. Let the ball slide of the stick from just below the grip
The slider is deception, looking one way and passing the other so your direct opponent has no idea where the ball is going. The most difficult thing with the slider is to be accurate with the pass.

Passing – the backhand sweep pass

When using this technique your hands are really important and the face of the stick needs to be pointing up because you’re trying to contact the ball higher up on the stick, on the side just like when you hit the tomahawk however in this case it’s not a hit. You’ve got your hands apart so one at the top of the grip one at the bottom and from here the pull back is not so far and it’s just a simple toss.
This pass is so effective because when you get a pass and you want to make the next pass, you don’t have to turn around, you can pass with your forehand immediately as don’t need to turn, saving time, you want to be quick and effective with your trap so the ball can be transferred quickly. You must focus on the angle of the stick because if you get too low and you could hit the ball too low and this will make the ball lift, angle the stick so that you hit the ball exactly in the heart so that the ball stays nice and flat.

Passing – the reverse pass

How to pass using the backhand in normal play. It can be used to surprise the opposition, by looking in one direction and passing in another. Whats important:
  1. Your hands 
  2. Where the ball is placed
  3. The distance from your foot but also you want the ball in line with where you want to shoot
 Another way to use the reverse pass is to somebody in the D but the ball must stay low which you achieve by staying a little upright, too low and the ball will lift, this allows you to hit in the heart of the ball.