Community Umpire 

Umpires are a vital component of our sport, without them the game cannot be played! Whether you are a seasoned umpire or are looking at getting into running our game for the first time, we have a spot for you.

Hockey Victoria is proud to boast a wide variety of educational programs for umpires as well as a comprehensive umpire pathway that allows all umpires to learn, collaborate, and ultimately grow the game of hockey.

There are no minimum requirements to obtain your Community Umpire Accreditation; it is an enjoyable and straightforward training program. You should be willing to learn and be prepared to undertake two hours of training.

For a detailed guide on how to complete your Community Umpire Accreditation, please click here. 

To download resources, please click here.

Please note that this accreditation IS NOT compulsory to be eligible for a Level 1 accreditation.