Tips for goalkeepers

  1. Keep your weight forwards at all times.
  2. Keep your hands in a high and open position when facing shots.
  3. When diving or smothering always look to land or slide on your hips.
  4. Try to stay relaxed and always watch the ball.
  5. Enjoy being in goal.

Goalie tutorial – baseline interception

Goalie tutorial – basic high saving

Goalie tutorial – basic kicking

Teaching the basics of kicking

  • where is your balance when you kick the ball and not at the start of the movement
  • point with the other foot e.g point with the left and kick with the right or point with the right and kick with the left

Goalie tutorial – basic stance

Goalie tutorial – blockslide

Goalie tutorial – bunt kick

Goalie tutorial – clearing toe kick

Goalie tutorial – diving

Goalie tutorial – goalkeeper diving

It is not actually diving, it is falling to the ground, only when the ball is going high do you push with your legs.

Goalie tutorial – left hand glove save

Goalie tutorial – PC defence lying down

Goalie tutorial – saving with stick

Goalie tutorial – stopping balls with left glove

There three different types of moves when blocking the ball with your left hand glove:

  1. When you play to the right
  2. When you play to the left
  3. Based on the height of the ball (high or mid high)

Goalie tutorial – sliding bottom leg clearance

Goalie tutorial – the diving save

When learning, start on your knees and have someone throw balls just outside your your eye line. The goalie must watch the ball onto the stick or gloves, progress by getting further out until you are almost diving. Change to a standing motion to get more leg drive.