Deception: although this one is not technically a skill, it is an aspect which is important to develop if you want to pull off a lot of the skills mentioned above. If you can be deceptive about what you are going to do, it makes it harder for the opposition and will give you more space and time on the ball.

Deception – body swerve dribble

In this video Shea McAleese shows us how to practice ‘body swerving’. This technique involves using your body to off-guard your opponent while keeping the ball in the same position. When you master body swerving, you can easily fake your opponent without having the need to have great stick handling. These are the focus points:

  1. The ball stays on the line
  2. Your feet run around each cone
  3. Push your arms all the way out
  4. The ball stays on your forehand
  5. Great for deception

Deception – fake sweep

Deception – right foot scoring

When you approach the goalkeeper and you don’t have time to shoot, sometimes you need to push the ball at the goal and usually with your right foot forward. The hardest things with this technique is the timing and the strength required. It is quite difficult to get the ball in the air with your right foot forward.