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Club Records

Wodonga Hockey Club has a rich history and some memorable names have been part of the club for decades. In Honour of those outstanding lifetime members, they are listed below.

Noel Mason 1988

Nominated in July – Presented at Annual Dinner for services to the club and an integral part of the integration between the clubs in Wodonga

Committee member, player, and coach

Noel Mason Honour Board & Noel Mason Youth encouragement. Award commenced 1993 presented at Junior presentation

Elaine Behrens 1994

In recognition of her dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment

Integral to the amalgamation of the three clubs which now form WHC

Ten years on the committee, including the starring role of treasurer

Coach of both junior and senior divisions

Player & umpire at many levels

Elaine Behrens Rookie of the Year Award donated by Elaine Behrens in 1995

Dawn George 1996

Committee Member, Club Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer

Player, coach, manager, uniform officer, facilitator of the major sponsor

Best Club Person 1991

HAW Board Member

George Family Shield Coaches Award donated by the George Family in 2004

Elaine Behrens Rookie of the Year Award donated by Elaine Behrens in 1995

Ian & Denise Livingstone 2000

Committee members and between them held all club executive positions

Player, coach, manager, and sponsor

Denise – Best Club Person 2000

Elaine Behrens Rookie of the Year Award donated by Elaine Behrens in 1995

Marg Darmody 2001

Executive Positions

Coach, manager, player, and sponsor

Best Club 1990 & 25th Anniversary committee member

Marg Darmody Best Club Person Perpetual Trophy donated by Marg Darmody in 2010

Kay Fleming 2009

WHC volunteer canteen manager for numerous years, raising funds for the club

In 1989 the club recognised her efforts with the presentation of a crystal vase

2002 – Club Person

A general committee member from 2002

Mat Poppins 2009

Involved in the club since 1996

President & secretary and committee member

Player & manager- the driving force behind the “DenMat” spectator stand

HAW representative player & HAW board member 2004 – 2006

A sponsor of individuals & teams Best Club Person 2001

Yvonne Wolfe 2009

Club member since inception and committee member for 15 years

1996 HAW B & F Veteran Women’s player award

HV Veteran women player since 1994

Veteran Women Best & Fairest with the Perpetual Trophy was named in her honor in 2007.

Involved in canteen – player & manager

1989 Best Club Person

Marg Brown 2013

Marg has been a member of WHC since 1990

Roles include coach, player, manager, Minkey coordinator & Secretary. Marg Brown is one of the most reliable and dependable people within Wodonga Hockey Club.

2013 saw her coordinating U9’s, unassisted.

Marg‘s role as secretary saw her put in countless hours labour for the club.

Justin Wilson 2013

Justin has been actively involved in the club since 1989

Justin commenced coaching in 1996 as a 21-year-old and coached continuously until 2012

Executive positions held included Vice President in 2009 and President in 2010 and 2011

He is a two-time winner of the WHC coach of the year award in (2004 & 2007 both from U12 boys) and in his second year with the club was the recipient of the Diane Myer Endeavour Award

Kyle Brereton 2013

Represented from Div 1 to Div 3

The 1990’s saw Kyle’s off-field contributions comprise of coaching, from the Div 1 Women to in recent times U16 girls and U14 boys

Kyle has been with the club since inception
Best Club Person of the year 1992, 2016.

President at age 25, displaying extraordinary strong leadership

An instrumental force behind the construction of Silva Dr. Synthetic surface. Immeasurable hours of work to gain the grant and progress hockey.

Kyle succeeded as president for our Club in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2014, 2015 & 2016,2019, 2020

Della Poppins 2015

Della has been with the club since 1996
Played Vets & Div 3

President 2008-2009, Vice-President 2012-2015, Secretary 2004-2005

Instrumental in instigating the Annual Dave Chandler Memorial Cup

Della has also coached, been a general committee member, sponsor to numerous members and several teams. Della is a visual member of our club but has also spent numerous hours behind the scenes promoting WHC within the community.

Vanessa Flanagan 2019

Vanessa joined WHC in 1995 after a move from Sydney. Playing 26 years with the club in different grades – 4 successful grand finals. Served in excess of 12 years on committee and has been the longest serving secretary ie: 5 years (also nominating for next year 2020).

Vanessa has also been manager to both senior and junior.

As such an active member for our club. Vanessa also represents us as a representative with Hockey Victoria and has made a big impact with city-country relationships.



Legend Award

Date Name
2016 Marg Curtis
2016 Merran Gibson
2016 Ken McQuilton
2016 David Jones
2016 Liz Ayton
2016 Hans Sommers
2017 Michael Chamberlain
2017 Phil McQuilton
2018 Craig Pontt


  President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
1982 Chris Adams ————————— S. Landon —————————
1983 Chris Adams ————————— S. Landon David Jones
1984 Owen Jennings ————————— David Sutherland/Gary Clarke Ian Church/David Jones
1985 Dave Sutherland ————————— Gary Clarke Gary Clarke/J. Haseloff
1986 Dave Sutherland Marg Darmody Merran Gibson Elaine Behrens
1987 Dave Sutherland Marg Curtis Denise Livingstone Elaine Behrens
1988 Ian Livingstone Marg Curtis Marg Darmody Dawn George
1989 Ian Livingstone Yvonne Wolfe Marg Darmody Dawn George
1990 Ian Livingstone Dianne Myers Marg Darmody Dawn George
1991 Dianne Myers Ian Livingstone Dawn George Pam Martin
1992 Dianne Myers Ian Livingstone Dawn George Denise Livingstone
1993 Kyle Brereton ————————— Dawn George Denise Livingstone
1994 Kyle Brereton Dawn George Judy Isaac Dana Brereton
1995 Kyle Brereton Dawn George Judy Isaac Dana Brereton
1996 Kyle Brereton Dave Chandler Judy Isaac Dana Brereton
1997 Dave Chandler Neville Frichot LisaWildmo Kylie Wheeler
1998 Dave Chandler Neville Frichot Janine Thornycroft Michael Fogarty
1999 Dave Chandler/ Neville Frichot Neville Frichot Janine Thornycroft Michael Fogarty
2000 Neville Frichot ————————— Mathew Poppins Glenn Delanney
2001 Kyle Brereton Ian Livingstone Dawn George Dale George
2002 Mathew Poppins Lindsey Boyd Dawn George Dale George
2003 Mathew Poppins Lindsey Boyd Dawn George Dale George
2004 Glen Reeks ————————— Della Poppins Dale George
2005 Dale George ————————— Della Poppins Marg Darmody
2006 Dale George ————————— Marg Brown Jan Hynes
2007 Mathew Poppins ————————— Marg Brown Dale George
2008 Della Poppins Jason Russell Marg Brown Michael Darmody
2009 Della Poppins Justin Wilson Marg Brown Debbie Cullen
2010 Justin Wilson Dannielle Taylor Debbie Cullen Sally Innes
2011 Justin Wilson Dannielle McLeish Debbie Cullen Sally Innes
2012 Michael Darmody Della Poppins Debbie Cullen Sally Innes 
2013 Michael Darmody Della Poppins Debbie Cullen Michael Darmody
2014 Kyle Brereton Della Poppins Vanessa Flanagan Glenn Delaney
2015 Kyle Brereton Della Poppins Vanessa Flanagan Glenn Delaney
2016 Kyle Brereton Della Poppins Vanessa Flanagan Melissa Pontt
2017 Alan Warhurst Craig Mundy Vanessa Flanagan Melissa Pontt
2018 Alan Warhurst Kyle Brereton Marg Brown Melissa Pontt
2019 Kyle Brereton Vanessa Flanagan Kieran McQuilton
2020 Kyle Brereton Alan Warhurst Vanessa Flanagan Michael Darmody